We exist to rescue Great Pyrenees from animal control facilities in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as space in our foster homes is available. We consist of all volunteers, who generously give of their time, talents, and homes (for fostering) to this cause. Our dedicated volunteers evaluate dogs in shelters, transport them to various veterinary clinics for care, provide loving foster homes as long as needed, process adoption applications, visit potential adopters, take our dogs to public events to gain more exposure, use a wide variety of media to spread the word about our dogs available for adoption, and work to educate the public about the Great Pyrenees breed and about the need to spay/neuter to help reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats that end up in shelters every year.

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Featured Dog

Featured Dog
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Did someone say pyrs love children?

October 8, 2014 @ 12:15 PM posted by Sandy

October Meet and Greet at PetSmart

August 21, 2014 @ 1:44 PM posted by Sandy

We will have our usual 3rd Saturday Meet and Greet on Saturday, October 18.  Please come and see some of our dogs!!  See the events page for location and times.

If You Find a Great Pyrenees -

July 14, 2014 @ 9:21 AM posted by Sandy

1.  Many strays are friendly towards humans; if so, take pictures of him, take him to the nearest vet to be checked for a microchip.  There should be no charge and the vet or you may be able to find the owner without going through animal control.  You can hold him for us, but you must notify animal control and provide a description in case someone has called looking for him.  We are usually full.

2.  If he is afraid of you, do not try to approach him – call animal control.  If he should bite you in fear, no one will be able to adopt the dog out.  Animal Control needs to do their job and can do it without getting bitten.

3.  RELAX ANIMAL CONTROL DOES NOT EUTHANIZE ALL THE DOGS THAT ARE UNCLAIMED, especially known breeds and healthy dogs.  They are required by state law to hold a dog for 3 days; then most of them will put a good dog into an adoption program, post them on internet sites, contact rescue groups, etc.  There are a number of people that search all animal control websites daily and forward information on a Great Pyrenees in animal control all over the country, particularly if if the dog is known to be in a small shelter with a high euthanasia rate.  We do not let many slip through our fingers! – that’s why we are full.  We may get up to 6 emails a day about the dog until people know he is safe.

4.  Know your local laws.  Some cities require you to bring a stray to animal control within 3 days.

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